75 Million Real Estate Deals Hiding in Plain Sight Predict off-market homes most likely to sell. Send the Homeowner an Offer Letter via FedEx.

Remzy is a real estate data platform for agents that empowers off-market deals.

Geographic farming and intelligent filtering with tools to help your active buyer.

Think Outside the MLS

Imagine if every home had a FOR SALE sign. You know the size of the home your buyer wants, what part of town they want to live in, and how much they can afford to spend. There's more inventory hiding right under your nose.

Search, Filter, and Find Opportunities

Use Remzy's search engine to identify only those homes within a zip code that match your buyer's search. See how many total homes match your buyer's criteria, and sort them by the last sold date, price and its estimated value. Zoom in with the map on a specific area or street to reveal just those qualified homes.

Contact the Homeowner

When you want to gauge a homeowner's interest in selling, Remzy helps start the conversation. With one click, you can send any homeowner a professional, personal letter delivered via FedEx. Save countless hours, and transform the way you do business.

Use Remzy with ANY platform

Remzy is compatible with any web-based CRM or real estate data platform. Install our Google Chrome Extension directly from the Chrome Web Store and send a letter to any prospect, lead, past-client, FSBO, expired, or LLC from any lead source online.

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