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It all started with a knock on a door. In 1977, my parents moved to Miami Beach, Florida from Englewood, New Jersey. My brother and I were both under the age of two and our parents rented an oceanfront apartment for the first year until they figured out where in Miami they wanted to settle down and plant roots. After about a year of looking for a house to buy, my dad fell in love with a house on Lakeview Drive.

The problem? It wasn't for sale.

One day, my dad was riding his bike in the neighborhood and decided he had to know if the owners of that home would ever even consider selling... and how much did they want?!

He knocked on the door. The homeowners answered, and my dad quickly told the them how much he and my mom loved the house, and if they ever wanted to sell it, to please call him. He gave them his number and a few weeks later, the owners did call. My dad made them an offer, negotiations were made, and my parents bought the home.

Fast forward to today and almost 40 years later, if you want to try and buy a house that's not for sale, there's no safe and easy way to connect you with the Homeowner. And times have changed. Back in the ‘70s, you could simply knock on a stranger's door. Nowadays, this once kind gesture is deemed intrusive. It could also be seen as offensive to knock on someone's door and ask them if they want to sell their home.
And this was how was born.

Our team feels the proper way to approach a homeowner with an unsolicited offer is to use Remzy as an intermediary.

Created on the idea that as technology is changing the role of the real estate agent, so too is technology changing the way Home Buyers try to connect on a peer-to-peer level with Homeowners. Let us connect you directly to the homeowner! Of the more than 75 million homes in the U.S., at any given time, only 2% of them are actually on the market. That means that 98% of the potential housing inventory is off the market. With Remzy, we hope to attract home buyers that don't see that as an indication that the homeowner wouldn't sell if the right offer came along. Who knows, that offer could be yours.

Simply said, Remzy is disrupting the ever-changing landscape of real estate — without ever having to knock on a door.

David Marc Harris, Founder Remzy LLC

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